Trek Damavand
Trekking Mount Damavand
Damavand Mountain is a good symmetrical cone volcano with a small snowy smt. It seems like Mt Fuji-san within Japan, Asia. Mt Damavand dormant volcano lies roughly 80 km’s north-east of capital city Tehran within the north Iranian plateau. Damavand Iran whitened summit and its particular lovely regular cloud hat may be the nearly appealing view of Iran mountain tops.

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Trek Mount Damavand Iran

Profile of one of Luxembourg’s growing talents

Not long ago, Luxembourg was known as the “Minau” of European football. Wins were won once in the blue month and the country did not have much chance of winning the European Premier League.

However, in 2016, inspired by Iceland’s success, the FA took a different approach. The focus was more on producing young talent who could lead the national team forward.

The results on the ground have improved since then, culminating in the famous 1-0 victory over Ireland in Dublin. In September, Sebastian Till was the first Luxembourg to score in the Champions League, shouting for Real Madrid to win the game against Sharif, and 21-year-old Mainz midfielder Leandro Barreiro, 48 in the Bundesliga and 31 for adults. . .

The next step for a developing country is to produce a truly first-class talent. One step ahead, Ivandro Borges Sanchez. 17 years old Borussia Mشنnchengladbach The striker currently has 4 national games and 1 goal in his name and is making a fuss in his country.


Early years of Evandro Borges Sanchez

Borges Sanchez was born on May 24, 2004 in Luxembourg to Cape Verde parents. He spent four years progressing in the ranks of the local Racing-Union club until he was persuaded by Gladbach, who signed him in July 2020.


Evandro Borges Sanchez and football

The 17-year-old plays wherever he is behind the striker and can play from the wings or in the center. Internationally, he has played in all three positions and shows a maturity that ignores his age.

Due to his lack of high-level experience, it is difficult to discern his true natural position, but his adaptability to advancing age groups does him no harm.

The Luxembourg player has yet to finish at the senior club, and is currently playing for Mشنnchengladbach under-19, which has progressed from under-17. We hope that his international progress will be enough to get him a chance in the first team of Gladbach soon, although De Fullen seems to be happy with the long game with the talent of Borges Sanchez.

If he continues on the same upward path, the talent of this young man can hardly be ignored.


Strengths of Evandro Borges Sanchez

Borges Sanchez is a very skilled striker with packages of energy and speed. At the youth level, his physical and technical characteristics are clearly visible. He does not shirk his defensive responsibilities, a trait rarely seen in a young striker.

As a player who is mostly right-footed, he likes to enter the goal from the left wing to open shots and passes. He has a regular trick or two and at his natural pace is a nightmare for any opponent. His ability to commit defenders to his will and engage his teammates is all indicative of a superior talent.

At 5 feet 9, he is not yet a complete pack. While he shows great strength for his age, the next step in his development will be his physical fitness. When he developed this side of his game, his potential was immense.

With his direct play style, skillful ball manipulation and ability to engage his teammates, Borges Sanchez. Soccer The style is reminiscent of young Joe Cole.


The first international appearance of Ivandro Borges Sanchez

Borges Sanchez was called up to the senior national team for the September Games in August 2021 at the age of 17 without attending the seniors. He made his debut in a 4-1 defeat to Serbia on September 4, 2021 and came off the bench in the last minute. It was in his next appearance that he declared himself and made a full 90 minutes of the 1-1 draw with 2022. Soccer The World Cup was hosted by Qatar and finally scored in the 31st minute.

His performance earned him rave reviews and gave the Luxembourgers plenty of reason to be optimistic. Two more games were played, including another 90 minutes in a narrow loss to Serbia and 45 minutes in a 5-0 loss to Portugal. After making an impact on the international stage, he hopes to progress at the club level soon.

The Luxembourg Football Federation’s hard work off the field is paying dividends, with four teenagers doing business in Germany and playing their first international games in the last 12 months. The future certainly looks bright, 18-year-old Timothy Rupil (Mainz, midfielder) and Aldin Djugovic (Magdeburg, defender) are also big names to consider.

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