Trek Damavand
Trek Damavand Iran
Damavand Volcano is a great symmetrical cone volcano which has a small snowy smt. That seems like Mount Fuji inside Japan. Mountain Damavand dormant volcano lies roughly eighty kilometres North-East of capital city Tehran within the north Persian plateau. Damavand Mountain bright summit and its gorgeous ordinary fog up top may be the nearly appealing view of Iran mountain tops.

You can find main source of data for climbing for Damavand Mountain HERE
Trek Mount Damavand Iran

Even Alex Hanold and Tommy Caldwell now have master classes

It was first published in history Out online

When I learned to climb In 1998, there was so little information about this activity that it was logical to read everything that was written about it. And I did. I ate everything from dozens of classic Tom’s by John Long to some completely incomprehensible posts by a man named Passthepitonspete in the fledgling mountaineering online community I printed and brought with me on my first trip to Yosemite.

Today’s climbers have the opposite problem: There is so much information out there that it is as difficult to know where to start as it is to climb El Capitan for the first time. now, Master Class, The online education subscription service, has entered the fray A rock climbing series Taught by Alex Hanold and Tommy Caldwell.

You may have heard their names. Hanold is crazy about that El Capitan with free soloAnd Caldwell is a stubborn nine-finger who spent ten years of his life hitting the wall of the dawn. They are also two of the busiest rock climbers of all time, apart from being amazing and hilarious, and have teamed up to accomplish many important masterpieces, including the first traverse of the Fitzroy mass in Patagonia, Argentina. As well as a Climb under two hours Nose of El Cap with a time of 1:58:07 is the current record.

If you have ever dreamed of climbing El Cap or climbing the dawn wall, this course is for you. I’m joking, of course, while at the same time I’m afraid of all the gullible people who might entertain such a sense of irrationality.

However, all the masterpieces of mountaineering have been extensively referenced throughout this masterclass – and reinforced by the video archive you are familiar with if you have seen it. Free solo Or any Reel Rock movie — the actual curriculum covers just the basics, from basic mountaineering techniques to equipment and bouldering, sport mountaineering, and traditional rock climbing.

The 14 classes of this course (each between 5 and 10 minutes) are divided into tutorials that include Footwork, Climbing Holds, Crack Climbing and Take It Outdoors. There are also simpler lessons, such as Don’t Be a Gumby, in which Hanold uses the term “joy” or “semi-humiliation” for a novice climber. He admits that he uses the word more for self-referentiality whenever he makes a “confusing gesture.”

“If you wear your hiking boots in the parking lot, you’re doing it wrong,” Hanold says carefully. And while this kind of ruthless expression (classic Hanold) may confuse some beginners, it quickly becomes a truly instructive moment: every goal requires the right equipment and at the right time.

What MasterClass is and for whom, has been the target of a number of interesting cultural critiques Saturday Night Live Skate to a more serious Deep dive that in The Atlantic. The MasterClass subscription costs $ 15 and provides access to the full library of online courses. Disclosure: I am a satisfied annual subscriber. (Full disclosure: I’m friends with both Hanold and Caldwell.) I love it because I can take 15 minutes of inspirational writing from people like Malcolm Goldwell or David Cadaris in the morning, then learn a new way to toast. I get. Chicken by Gordon Ramsey in the afternoon. Of course, I do not watch these master classes with the illusion that I am really going to be a teacher. But the fact is that high-performing people are often inherently smart and interesting people. Master Class It brings you closer to world-class performers. As much as I appreciate learning about how to fillet the floor of Dover’s Thomas Clare, I also like to be exposed to his strange qualities as a chef. I have watched him pass so much parchment paper on his cutting boards that I think he should have toilet paper upholstery all over his house.

Hanold & Caldwell Rock Climbing Master Class is designed for true beginners. However, the two are so well connected that even advanced climbers, regardless of having learned anything new, are likely to happily skip all their lessons. They probably laugh when they see two boys wearing helmets to show the sport climbing an unmotivated hill in the middle of nowhere, when you know very well that they did not even wear helmets while whipping 100 feet at speed. They raised. Climbing El Cap — but still watching them do fun leadership training.

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