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Trekking Mount Damavand Iran
Damavand is an excellent shaped cone volcano having a narrow snowy smt. That looks like Mt Fuji within Japan, Asia. Mt Damawand dormant volcano lies approx eighty km’s North-East of Tehran within the northern Iranian plateau. Damavand whitened summit and its particular gorgeous common fog up cap will be the nearly desirable sight of Iran mountain tops.

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Trek Mount Damavand Iran

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Five potential candidates to replace Ole Gunnar Solscher as Manchester United manager

With increasing pressure on the current Manchester United Coach Ole Gunnar SolscherRumors of his dismissal are at an all-time high with recent results.

His team is currently seventh in the Premier League with 4 wins out of 9.

They also lost three of their last five games, losing 4-2 away to Leicester and continuing their 5-0 home defeat to Liverpool.

Writing on the wall for Ole, here are five managers who have been named as Sulscher’s apparent successors.

Five potential candidates to replace Ole Gunnar Solscher as Manchester United manager

1. Antonio Conte

The former Chelsea boss was one of the first names to be promoted to United after Saturday’s defeat to Liverpool.

Conte has reportedly not played a role normally in mid-season but will be tempted if United make strong contact.

If Conte wins the post, United would be a winning streak and have won the league several times with Juventus, Chelsea and Inter, but his warm, short-lived temperament could keep United owners out of his appointment following public squabbles. Give up. The hierarchy of each club

His time at Chelsea came to an end after winning the FA Cup in his second season, and a year ago he dominated the Premier League and won it on a counter.

Conte is available after leaving Inter Milan in the summer, and if the results get worse for Ole, he is a clear choice.

2. زین الدین زیدان

Along with Conte, Zizo is the only famous manager who currently has no job after Zidane left Real Madrid for the second time after leaving last summer.

His name has always been rumored for the role of United and he will be the ideal candidate to replace Sulscher. He has a European pedigree and won three Pitts in his first season with Madrid, winning two league titles.

Wearing the famous red shirt of former Madrid stars Cristiano Ronaldo and Rafael Varane, this could be a kind of reunion. If he were to find this job, he would bring a much-needed boost to the much-needed value for a disorganized club.

Whether he is interested in doing so now is debatable.

3. Eric Ton Hogg

The Dutchman has made a name for himself as Ajax manager, who is currently in his fifth season with the European giants. He turned a dormant giant like Ajax into a well-oiled machine that could defeat anyone in its day.

His highlight as Ajax manager was taking his side to the semi-finals of the Champions League, where Lucas Moura’s last-minute goal helped Tottenham climb.

He is known for his free football and attacking philosophy, which can be praised by the way United fans play.

If United were keen to sign him, they would have to pay Ajax for his services, as Deh Hogg recently extended his contract with Ajax until the end of the 2022-23 season.

4. Mauricio Pochettino

United fans The first choice to replace Jose Mourinho in recent years was the former Tottenham boss, one of the most sought-after managers during his time in the Premier League.

He was sacked by the Spurs a few months later after losing to Liverpool in the Champions League final.

He took over at PSG in January 2021, failed to win the Ligue 1 title in his first season and has been under scrutiny.

His team is currently at the top of the Ligue 1 table with 7 points difference after 11 games.

It is unlikely that United will try to get a manager at another club, especially with the heavy purchase clause he has to deal with the French giants.

5. Roberto Martinez

The current Belgian coach is very good at this, with his position among the officials of the Belgian Football Association still being positive after his team was eliminated from the quarter-finals of Euro 2020.

The appointment of the former Wigan and Everton boss will not be pleasant for Manchester United fans, as his final defeat to the Belgian Golden Generation was a major turning point for many.

While he spent several years in the Premier League, Wigan relegated and was sacked by Everton. If his management can be done in the Belgian position, a big job like Manchester United could be a step too far for this Spanish player.

Five potential candidates to replace Ole Gunnar Solscher as Manchester United manager

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