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Mount Damavand is an excellent symmetrical cone volcano with a small snowy summit. It seems like Mount Fuji inside Japan, Asia. Mt Damavand dormant volcano is situated nearly 80 kms North-East of Tehran in the north Persian plateau. Mt Damavand white-colored summit and its particular lovely ordinary cloud cover will be the mainly desirable sight of Iran mountains.

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Trek Mount Damavand Iran

We are talking about the main weapons used in ninjutsu

The art of ninjitsu is certainly a dangerous art. Ninjitsu may not be modern but it is very useful martial art To learn about Self-Defense. While developing speed and stealth, he also uses many weapons. Become a real ninja It means mastering these tools.

In this article, we will look at ninjitsu and the most common weapons used by ninja and those who practice ninjutsu.

What is Ninjutsu?

Ninjutsu is the study of exercises Ninja. These include a number of tactics that usually involve secrecy and deception. Ninjas have been used for espionage, assassination and guerrilla warfare. This art dates back to the first millennium and is also known as ninjutsu. One can become a tactical genius by using the methods of stealth, disguise and espionage.

Today, it is still done, but its unusual nature prevents complete modernization. However, it is still just as useful. In addition to being a tool of concealment, ninjitsu emphasizes self-improvement and spiritual refinement. This training teaches fighting, water-based fighting and equestrianism. The ancient ninjas were well versed in geography, meteorology and pyro techniques.

The weapon-based techniques are in a particular league, and anyone with knowledge of ninjitsu weapons and ninja techniques can defend themselves anywhere. An experienced ninjutsu practitioner can use a variety of weapons, including all foreign objects, for injury.

Ninjutsu weapons

Ninjutsu fighting techniques are divided according to weapons. Ninjitsu weapons are mainly of the following types:

  • Swords

  • Wood and cane

  • Spears

  • Blades

  • Throw weapons

  • Ropes and chains

Knowing how to use these weapons prepares ninjitsu trainees on how to use any replacement object they find on the street. Over time, the techniques followed became part of a ninja’s arsenal. Their explosive nature was considered effective in causing necessary injury and distraction.

The most common weapons used in ninjutsu

Ninjitsu contains countless other weapons, but many of them have been destroyed because they were never seized. There are many that people know about even today.

Let’s take a closer look at the main weapons used in the art of ninjutsu:

1. Sword

The art of sword fighting, taught in ninjutsu, is subject to kunjutsu. Different types of swords are used.

  • Wooden swords (Bokkens) or bamboo swords (Shinai) can be found among the novices. But the most symbolic of them are the katana. These are curved and thin metal swords to cut the opponent

  • Nodachi are large and heavy swords that are effective against cavalry enemies. Nodachi Wakazashi is a short counterpart that is a short sword to attack close enemies.

2. Wood

Wood is included under Bojutsu techniques. Thicker woods or sticks are effective tools against swords. These include Hanbo, Joe and Bo 3, 4 and 6 feet, respectively.

Sticks, like Skrima, are better used as defensive weapons And are made of wood or bamboo.

3. Spear

The spear is the ninja weapon of choice for attacking riders. It is used to attack an enemy at close range without being harmed. Naginata is a similar weapon, as it has a cane with a curved blade at one end.

4. Blade

Apart from swords, many blades and knives are used in ninjitsu. The dagger or tanto became popular because of its compact size, which allowed it to be hidden.

Sickles are used in a variety of sizes, and a comma is a short sized sickle or a sickle used for close range attacks.

5. شوریکن

No weapon is as synonymous with a ninja as a shuriken. These are sharp and compact throwing weapons. Some of them are thrown at the enemy because they are effective for long-range attacks.

6. The Pronged Weapon

This is where ninjitsu gets more creative. Say It is a traditional weapon with three tentacles and the ninja can use it to avoid swords and trap the opponent. It is used in pairs while jute is used as a single weapon.

7. Chain

There is nothing more painful than hitting a chain. Kusari Fundo takes it one step further and adds weights at the end. Kosarigama is a variety that combines a scythe for maximum damage.

8. Rope

The rope is an essential part of ninjitsu and is worn in Hojutsu. The rope is mainly used to trap and disarm opponents. Rope-based weapons include the Kyoketsu-Shoge, which also uses darts.

Apart from this, ninjitsu uses many techniques that are used to slow down the opponent or temporarily blind them. Ninjas have used them to escape for centuries.

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