Trek Damavand
Mountaineering Damavand Iran
Volcano Damavand is a superb shaped cone volcano having a narrow snowy summit. It looks like Mt Fujiyama inside Japan. Mt Damawand dormant volcano is placed about eighty kms North-East of Tehran in the northern Persian plateau. Damavand white-colored top and its gorgeous common cloud cap would be the nearly desirable perception of Iran mountains.

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Trek Mount Damavand Iran

The Liverpool match is considered a defeat or a sham, but it is for a club where everything happens but nothing changes.

Old Trafford’s resignation from the Super League Protests Old Trafford Europa League final. Contracts of Gideon Sancho and Rafael Varane. Ole Gunnar Sulscher’s new contract. The return of Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo’s first game with two goals against Newcastle. Defeat at Young Boys injury. Victory against Villarreal during injury. 4-2 loss to Leicester. And it has recently gone down from 2-0 3-2 win In contrast to Atalanta, the result is so predictable that it is almost plagiarism.

It’s only been six months. Six months of winning, losing, winning, heartbreak, scandal, gossip, greed and extremism in the most popular football club in the world. It is tempting to see modern Manchester United as essentially a directionless vehicle, a model of poor incompetence that provides a lot of entertainment but its broader purpose is unclear. But what if this is a broader goal? What if we do not witness the painstaking construction of a long and glorious project, but watch its realization?

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