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Volcano Damavand is a superb symmetrical cone volcano that has a narrow snowy smt. This appears to be Fuji-san Mountain within Asia. Mountain Damavand dormant volcano is situated roughly eighty km’s NorthEast of Tehran in the north Persian plateau. Mount Damavand white-colored summit and its particular lovely common fog up hat may be the nearly attractive picture of Iran mountains.

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Trek Mount Damavand Iran

These are the best 3-day split workout options for beginners

Are you one of those people who are afraid to take the first step on your path? Fitness travel And start practicing? Many people suffer from this problem simply because they do not know what to do at the club, and creating a solid exercise regime to follow seems very challenging.

If this describes you, stay the same, because I will be here to help you get through everything and share a great workout with you.


So, what is the ideal training division?

The topic of today’s conversation is the ideal 3-day split for optimal results. To begin with, what do we mean by a 3-day workout? This is an exercise regimen in which muscle groups are categorized and each group exercises on different days of the week. So you will only exercise three days a week, which is ideal if you have little time or do not want to go to the gym five times a week.

This division is especially useful for beginners because it provides and allows a lot of rest time between exercises Optimal recovery, Muscle strength and growth.

You may be wondering how different muscle groups can be divided. You have several options, including push-ups / leg splits, which I will explain in detail shortly, as well as a top / bottom split for a total of three whole body exercises.


How effective is a three-day split workout routine?

Dividing the workout into three days allows you to better manage your week, make the most of your time, and reach your goals.

A three-day split routine should be precise and focused, and if you complete each of your three exercises with all-out effort, you will have plenty of time to recover and prepare for the next session. Single muscle groups benefit greatly from 3-day splits, as you always have enough time for each muscle type to recover after a workout.

The best 3-day split program is to achieve muscle growth while maintaining a natural appearance. A 3-day split routine allows you to have a specific and fit body because you do not overwork your muscles.

Beginners who want to start strength training with workouts that require effort for three consecutive days can use 3-day training splits. You have many days to recover, so it is harder to hurt yourself when you are just starting out. Do weight training with free weights, resistance bands or exercise machines. Your decision is the only thing that matters.


Summary of a 3-day split exercise routine:

  • Focusing on different muscle groups in each session is essential

  • Find time to be creative, even when you are not exercising

  • Be stronger and fitter

  • Give your muscles enough time to recover after each workout

  • Change your diet with free weights, resistance bands, weight training or weight lifting machines.

  • The training regimen you create should be workable for you

  • Staying active is essential to minimize exercise burnout and fatigue

  • Maintaining motivation while working is essential to achieving fitness and exercise goals.

Note: Make sure you accept Get proper pre-workout carbs, To make sure you have enough fuel to get the most out of your session.


3-day training program

Start your workout by warming up for 10 minutes to stimulate your nervous system and prepare you for the workout. As a beginner, use this time to build good habits.

Take time for each exercise and focus on great technique and strengthening the mind-muscle connection. Then you will be grateful.

Whole body exercise (advanced full body splitting)

This allows you to do a full body workout every day, as opposed to a full body workout on different days of the week. Exercising three days a week instead of focusing on the muscular parts means that you will constantly face hard training.

This type of 3-day split workout is more difficult because your body has less time to recover between sessions. This is a quick and effective way to build muscle and eliminate fat that leads to a more shapely body. Please see the instructions below.

Monday: Chest, shoulders and triceps

Complete three sets of each exercise:

  • 8 repetitions of chest press

  • 12 repetitions of sloping press

  • 12 repetitions of crossovers

  • 12 Repeat Overhead Presses

  • 12 Repeat Lot Rises

  • 12 Repetitions of Crusher Skull

  • Push-up with a band to break

Tuesday: Day off

Wednesday: Back and biceps

Complete three sets of each exercise:

  • Sitting resistance row for 30 seconds

  • 12 Repeat Sliding Lat

  • 12 repetitions of bending over tape flies

  • 12 repetitions of back hyperextension

  • 12 repetitions of double arm rings

  • 12 repeat oven with a hammer

  • Push-up with a band to break

Thursday: Rest day

Friday: Legs and core

Complete three sets of each exercise:

  • Use a barbell to do 12 squats

  • 12 repetitions of foot press

  • 12 repetitions of leg extensions

  • 12 Repeat curling of the foot

  • 12 repetitions of lifting the leg while standing

  • 20 sit and sit

  • 20 crunch compression movements with resistance tape

Saturday: Rest day

Sunday: Rest day

Compression and stretching leg split training routine for beginners

This app is for beginners who are looking for full body exercise. This 3-day split puts in a lot of muscle groups at a time to help you build a fitter body. Starting with 3-day splits and building a good foundation level of fitness that you can continue to improve after a few weeks of training is a great way to start.

Monday: Full body workout

Complete three sets of each exercise:

  • 12 repetitions of chest press

  • 12 repetitions of Scott Bond

  • 12 repetitions of bending on the row

  • 12 Repeat Lot Rises

  • 12 Repetitions of biceps

  • 12 repetitions of three arm extensions

  • Push-up with a band to break

Tuesday: Day off

Wednesday: Full body workout

Complete three sets of each exercise:

  • 12 Repeat Slope Presses

  • 12 Deadlift Repetitions

  • 12 repetitions of stretching on lots

  • 12 repetitions of shoulder press

  • 12 Repetitions of biceps

  • 12 repetitions of three arm extensions

  • Push-up with a band to break

Thursday: Rest day

Friday: Full body workout

Complete three sets of each exercise:

  • 12 repetitions of chest press

  • 2 Repeat pulling the cable

  • 12 repetitions of shoulder press above the head

  • 12 repetitions of double arm rings

Saturday: Rest day

Sunday: Rest day

Important reminders

Do not forget to do Warm you up. It may not be the most enjoyable aspect of it Education, But is very important for performance and injury prevention. I recommend doing 5 to 10 minutes of aerobic warm-up on a treadmill or ellipse to make your heart beat faster and your muscles warm up.

Some active warm-ups should follow this to prepare the joints for weight. I recommend warming up your rotator cuff muscles on days of pressure and stretching by practicing external / internal rotations at different levels of movement. You can use a band or cable to increase shoulder stability when doing push-ups or over-the-head movements.

Last but not least, I highly recommend running Cardiovascular activity At least 30 minutes until the end of your workout or on a non-workout day. It may even be easy to walk. After all, you do not want to miss the most important heart muscle.



A three-day workout program is ideal for beginners as it provides plenty of recovery time between sessions. Rest is essential for optimal recovery as well as muscle strength and growth. Therefore, for the best results, strictly adhere to our training program. Pay attention to your body’s needs for rest and do not give up your warm-up or stretching activities. Most importantly, do not neglect your cardio and get a workout Adequate source of protein to help recovery!

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