Zagros gave me everything that the mountains gives you during a long journey: there were moments of beauty and horror, moments of joy and satisfaction, and resignation, when the plan failed. It worked almost always, apart from the moments when I was among the buildings and dense trees, where a large part of the sky was covered. They climb the highest peaks of Iran and highest volcano of Asia (and part of the Seven Summit Project), and also enjoy skiing in Damavand with long and good slopes. Climbing Oshtoran-Koh Mountain. This mountain range with an approximate length of 70 km and more than 35 peaks above 3000 and 4000 meters is a part of the central Alborz mountain range and is a solid wall that separates the central parts of Iran from the Caspian Sea. Iran is a country where more than half of it is covered by mountains, and has more than 600 peaks above 4000 meters and 15,000 peaks above 3000 meters. Doberar Mountain Ridge, with more than 70 km long and 35 summits with 3000 m and 4000 m altitude, makes a best goal for skiers who want to skiing in Iran. You should skiing down to your camp every evening. Adventure Mount Oshtoran-Koh, Iran

Mweka Camp it is a short 3hour and scenic hike back to the M
Ascend Oshteran Koh via Sanboran Trail

But to reach mountain area for ski touring, you should go to Kalbozon (2450m) by 4WD cars and set up your camp there. All Ski touring, Free riding, Back country skiing, are possible in Alamkoh area. Visit also trekking Oshtoran Koh. In this way, all of the branches of Off-Piste skiing, Slackcountry skiing, Sidecountry skiing, Freeride skiing, Backcountry skiing, Splitboarding, Ski touring, Ski Montinaring, are available in Iran’s mountains. On the way, you intend to visit Pasargadae and Persepolis. Private tour is a fully tailored made and a VIP tour package which is recommended for incoming foreign climbers to Iran, it is quite flexible for timing, itinerary, Climb Oshtoran Kuh – Peak via Chal Kaboud shelter services are logistics to best suit your program. You can book any of the above tours or a tour package meaning a combination of them. Above all, you can be in touch with their team during the whole process. From Kalbozon camp, you can ski tour every day to one of 4000 meters summits of Takht-e-Soleiman, as well as top Alamkoh. The highest peak of this mountain is the Kolunchin, and it stands at 4,221 meters.

Hiking in Zagros - Zardkooh Ski touring in Sabalan 4811m, third highest summit of Iran in northwest, is a dreamy plan for foreign skiers who come to Iran. Ski touring in Alamkoh mountains is completely look like Ski Mountaineering. Off-piste Skiing in the general meaning, is skiing outside of the resort, but when we look carefully at this field, we know that it has several distinct branches that it is very difficult to distinguish between them. Undoubtedly, in the cold season (mid- November to the end June), you can skiing(Specially Ski Touring, Off-Piste skiing & Ski Mountaineering) in most mountains of Iran. Nomad Tours are the ones you can get the most out of the Iranian nomad lifestyle. Original lifestyle that borrows its roots from thousands of years of a close relationship with nature. It will cost equivalent of about 10 USD. I entered Iran carrying 1400 USD and exchanged cash in banks and exchange offices along the way. Mount Oshtrean Kouh.

group of people standing near waterfalls Oshtrankh, like Dena and Zardukh, is actually a subset of the Zagros Mountains in west of Iran. The Zagros thru-hike was about 2300 km of walk through the desert and semi-arid mountains of Iran. Fall and winters in the desert are extremely cold at night. However, some of these mountainous areas are more prestigious than the rest of the mountains because of their pristine and remoteness. The mountains of Chelgerd in Chaharmahal, Alvand mountains in Hamedan, Qandil in Kurdistan, Oshtorankoh in Lorestan, Zardkoh Mountains in Koohrang Bakhtiari, and Dena in Yasuj are among the best mountainous areas of Zagros mountain range, for the skitouring and other ski sports. The following is a brief introduction of ski areas in the Zagros and Alborz Mountains of Iran. Alamkoh with 4850m altitude is the second highest mountain of Iran, located in Takht-e-Soleiman mountains in western Alborz mountain range. Alamkoh 4850m, Iran’s second highest peak of Iran, with more than 40 summits (3000m and 4000m) around it (Takht-e-Soleiman area), is the other amazing goal for skiing. The position of Sabalan in the northern latitudes, and too much snowfall, has made Sabalan one of the main destinations for skiing. To reach the Doberar Mountains from Tehran, you should head to the village of Pulour on the Haraz road (65 km), after reaching the Pulour, exit the main road to the east and go 20 km to the village of Lasem.

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