Kashmir tourists, rightly called “paradise on earth” by the people and poets, have long been influential in various types of travelers, adventurers and honeymooners. If we explain the list of entertainments and activities that are being offered in Kashmir, this list will be endless! So, here are some reasons why adventure and thrill lovers can never resist a Kashmir tour.


Ski lovers will find the Kashmir tour absolutely great and breathtaking. The feeling and excitement of skiing in the Himalayas is unparalleled and cannot be simply described in words. Kashmir tourism has many places and places that are ideal for skiing and increases the excitement for people who are looking for adventure to a unique level. The best ski resort in the Himalayas, Golmarg has been a very popular ski resort in India since before independence.

As Golmarg is the tallest ski slope in the world, people from all over the world specifically book Kashmir tour packages to experience skiing in one of the most exciting ski resorts on the planet. The ideal season for skiing is from mid-December to mid-April. Tourists do not have to make noise about ski equipment. All the required items including boots, gloves, skis, sticks, etc. are easily available in the shop belonging to Kashmir Tourism. The cool environment and atmosphere of Golmarg enhances the skiing experience.


The diverse areas of Kashmir, which consist of barren deserts and mountain pastures, create a fascinating contrast in nature. Depending on the nature of the adventure in nature, you can plan a hike for a day or even a week. Some Kashmir tour packages provide hiking opportunities for adventurous tourists. The ideal months for hiking are from May to October. You can rent walking equipment from Kashmir Tourism Store and accompany your trip. Where can you find better excitement and fun from Kashmir tours and hiking along the Himalayas? If you are new, you can get help from local guides who will help you get to the most amazing and amazing hiking areas.


For adventure enthusiasts, here is another reason to use the Kashmir tour package! Paragliding is one of the newest entrances to adventure sports in the Kashmir region. You can choose to move along lakes, beautiful valleys or on top of mountains. The scenery and winds of Glamarg, Sonamarg and Harwan are ideal for paragliding.

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