This was our version of All About Alamkuh, just remember that Alam-Kuh is one of the main destination of Iran and one of the most popular one. Alamkuh , The second highest peak of Iran after Damavand is Alamkuh, which is located in the Takht-e Soleyman area of ? Alam Kuh with the summit of 4.850 meters is second highest peak in Iran that is located in Kelardasht; Mazandaran province. Alborz peak located in Alborz mountain range trailing from northern east to the west of Iran, separating northern shore from the central Iranian plateau.There are numbers of peaks in the Alborz mountain range, many of which are more than 4,000 meters high. Click for map of Central Alborz. The Alborz Mountain Range is about 1500 Km long chain in north of Iran separating the Caspian Sea from the central plateau of Iran. Having two faces of south and north have made it the right place both for climbers and hikers as the southern face is the easiest route to hike whereas the northern face contains a rocky wall that has the most technical climbing route in the mountains of Iran, meaning after trekking up to 4000m, a gigantic wall of 800m is waiting for you to conquer the peak.

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For those who have summitting Alam Kuh (4848m) on their wish list! Galpin, who puts it at the top of her bucket list. In either case, you should make arrangements with the driver who took you to the starting point of Tang-e Galoo to give you a ride to the camps. I believe that you should give it enough time. Besides, it would give you a chance to visit the Caspian Sea and have a very relaxing time in one of the northern cities of Iran. But first, you have to reach from Vandarbon to Alamchal. At last, it’s summit time, it will take around 5-6 hours to reach Alam-Kuh. The trekking continues until you reach Sarchal where the refuge is located. The Autumn and winter of Alam Kooh witness heavy snow, storms, and heavy avalanches, and this situation continues until spring every year, so it is strongly recommended to avoid climbing during these seasons.

Alam Kuh or Alum Kooh Mountain Photo by poorgoli - 7:44 pm 17 Aug 2013

The combination of water, snow, mountains, and beautiful flowers creates a unique landscape for us. This time is when the mesmerizing plain around is covered with red lovely poppy flowers that you are going to fall in love with. Atop the summit, Alam Kuh’s lovely glaciers, Siah Kaman Peak and Chalun Peak are fully visible. There, cars are waiting for us and take us to our accommodation in the Vanderben village in 1 hour. Climbing the 5610m peak of Damavand may take two to seven days depending on the physical condition of your body and how skilled you are. Hesarchal is the easier route of the two. Two the highest summits of Iran in one trekking tour! There is a wall on the northern slope of Alam Kooh, which is one of the most difficult and technical routes for climbing and wall climbing in Iran, and this peak is most famous for this wall. Leads to a big wall.

Iranian mountaineer Bahmanyar climbs K2 - Tehran Times The southern route starts from Rudbarak, and after passing Vandarben, the tange galou and the Hesar Chal plain leads to the summit. We set up tents and with a hot soup, drinking coffee, the pleasure of being in this beautiful plain is doubled. Late in July when the snow has melted and Hesarchal is at its highest beauty, a large number of mountaineers from all around Iran set out on an adventure on Alam Kuh. The best months to hike and climb there are July and August. The best time to climb Alam Kooh is the second half of July. However, there is a more challenging adventure offered by Iran Adventure, and that is climbing Damavand and Alam Kooh; the second highest peak after Damavand with a height of 4850 meters. Climb Mount Damavand – the highest Iranian mountain, Alam Kuh Hiking after acclimatizing on Alam Kuh (Alam Kooh) – second the highest peak of Iran. Having joined the summiteers of Mount Alam, you can also have an optional Tehran city tour to get to know the attractive art, architecture, culture and history of Iran. The German, French, English, and Italian mountaineers have climbed Alam Kooh on various routes of this wall. If Damavand is famous as the highest mountain, Alam Kuh is most known for its Northern big wall which has a place like K2 in the world.

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