Hiking tour to the highest mountain of iran - Markevel If the idea puts a grin on your face, Mt Damavand Trekking Tours then taking one of our Iran mountain tours is just the thing you need. It’s a very good idea to spend a quiet night at the 2700-meter height in Sheripela hut with the best accommodation services in nice and warm rooms for acclimatization Damavand. If you beloved this post and you would like to obtain extra information pertaining to Tehran Mt. Damavand Tour Operator kindly visit the web site. One night sleeping in the Shirapla hut and climbing Tochal can provide a comfortable and safe climb to Damavand. Winter climb. Ski Mt Damavand Iran. With its high summits and over 1200 meters of untouched slopes, this ridge is the paradise of Ski Turing in Iran in March & April. Winter climbing. Ski touring tool kit. Pinterest is a visual discovery tool to find ideas for all your projects and interests. If you enjoyed this write-up and you would like to get even more info relating to Iran Mount Damavand Tour Operator kindly check out the web-site. Also in the cities, the guide trying to find a restaurant that prepares meals according to your diet (if availability and group conditions). Most of the climbers who decide to ascent Damavand will successfully conquer the summit if all conditions are suitable.

Damavand 2021: Best of Damavand, Iran Tourism - Tripadvisor This knowledge made them qualified fluent guides who know how important is the guide’s role in different Iran tour packages including Iran trekking tours. These mountain climbing & hiking tour packages include backpacking trips, camping-based tours and more. A- Your Timing and Itinerary determines the Cost of your trip, please clarify in what time of the year you decide ascending, fix your program, choose your itinerary, and let us know more details such as arrival day and logistic you need so we can give you the best possible Services and discuss the details. First of all, know that Damavand tour packages normally take between 3 to 5 days (sometimes six days) based on the route, the package features, etc. More than six days will make you tired, and less than three days will lead you to miss the whole adventure. Hike Damavand? Trek Damavand or Damavand Climbing Tour? Damavand Peak, a single and cone mountain, in the heart of the mountainous land of Iran, is the largest natural attraction in the Middle East and the main destination of many tourists every year.

File:Trailrunning (67249013).jpeg - Wikimedia Commons Turkmen Sahra (meaning Plain of Turkmen) is for sure one of the most beautiful landscapes in Iran, located in the northeast of the country, near the Caspian Sea, bordering Turkmenistan country. If you adored this post and you would like to receive even more facts pertaining to Mount Damavand Exploration Tour kindly go to our site. To reach Alamkuh, head to the Chalus Road (one of the roads between Tehran and the Caspian Sea) and by crossing the Alborz Mountain Range, continue towards Kelardasht city and the Vandarbon village. We leave Tehran to the north of Iran. On the other hand, the high and famous peaks of the west north of Iran are cool options for hot days of summer. When is the best time to Trek Iran? Route and trail map for hike, trek and climb to highest peak of Iran. The highest peak in Iran and the Middle East, Mount Damavand, for example, is possible to conquer in all seasons. You might or might not already know that this conically shaped peak with the height of 5600 meters is the highest summit in the Middle East, and also the highest volcanic summit in Asia. Meanwhile, Mount Damavand, as Iran’s highest peak is one of the most important Iran adventure destinations for tourists. This legendary mountain with an altitude of over 5,600 meters and higher than the Everest Base Camp, with the scenery of the largest lake in the world, the Caspian Sea in the north, and the central desert of Iran in the south, located in 70 kilometers northeast of Iran’s capital, Tehran.

Mount Tochal, with a height of 3960 meters, is, in fact, part of Tehran city. Mount Damavand is a high peak known as the “roof of Iran” with an altitude of 5671 meters. In case you loved this short article and you would want to receive details regarding Mount Damavand Iran Travel please visit our own web site. Also, there is enough time scheduled on the journey to enjoy the beautiful sceneries of Damavand. Finally I climbed to mount Damavand for the first time and thanks to Reza for help me got to Damavand very easily and safely. If you adored this article and you simply would like to collect more info relating to Travel Agency Iran Damavand Mountain please visit our site. Easy climb to Mount Damavand is Tochal-Damavand tour. However, that does not mean you should underestimate how to prepare to climb Damavand mountain both physically and mentally. We’ll either offer you one of our present tours or tailor make a Damavand tour according to your taste and capability. Its colorful scenes and cool weather make it easy to head for any destination and activity. Generally, spring is the season that the weather is moderately mild all over Iran. Ascent can take 5-7 hours (depends on the weather condition and pace of the group). They accompany you through the mountains, deserts, and plains of Iran at any pace or level you desire.

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